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Hi, I am Arthur

Arthur Zucker

MSc Machine Learning student at ENS Paris-Saclay

I am a passionate student pursuing his second master’s degree at the prestigious ENS Paris Saclay. I am also working as a research assistant at Kyoto University’s Bio-Informatics laboratory, developing deep learning algorithms applied to bio-ecology. I am very curious and love to delve in new projects. I am currently looking for a 6 month internship starting april 2022!

Hard Working
Team Work



Computer Vision Intern
Safran Electronics & Defense

February 2021 - August 2021, Massy Palaiseau, France

Safran S.A. is a French multinational aircraft engine, rocket engine, aerospace-component and defense corporation.

  • Assess through a state of the art study the different methods to integrate depth in semantic segmentation neural network architectures.
  • Implement deformable convolutions in State Of The Art (SOTA) architectures
  • Resolve package issues, and environment problems related to CUDA libraries
  • Conduct an ablation study to measure the effectiveness of the depth deformable convolutions

Kyoto University, Bio-informatics laboratory

June 2018 - Present, Kyoto, Japan

The bio-informatics laboratory tackles various issues regarding the protection of wildlife. I have been working on the protection of flying foxes, a species of mega-bats.

Research Assistant

June 2021 - Present

  • Explore state of the art
  • Implement Audio Event Detection pipeline for automatic bat call segmentation in raw audio recordings.
  • Synthesize results through a poster presented at the 15th european bat symposium
Software Engineer Intern

June 2018 - August 2018

  • Implement heuristic based call segmentation
  • Field assistant, capture and study of flying foxes
  • Member of the Island Bat Research Group IRGB

Deep Learning Intern, R&D team
Chainos Solution.

June 2019 - Aug 2019, Hanoï, Vietnam

Chainos solution is young startup active as a consulting company, offering blockchain and AI solutions to valued customers across Asia. I joined them as an intern for a 2 month internship.

  • Increase CAD reader performances by implementing voting and using CRAFT
  • Develop and automatic table structure recognition algorithm to improve an invoice reader pipeline
  • Provide other trainees with english courses


M.Sc. in Machine Learning - Mathematics Vision and Learning
Taken Courses
  • Reinforcement Learning
  • Computer vision and object recognition
  • Deep Learning
  • Convex optimization and applications in machine learning
  • Introduction to medical image analysis
  • Introduction to numerical image analysis
  • Advanced learning for text and graph data - ALTEGRAD
M.Eng. in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science
Taken Courses
  • Functional analysis, numerical analysis
  • Probabilities
  • Algorithmics and Programming (C, python)
  • English, Business & Management
  • Algebraic and discrete algorithms, distributed algorithms
  • Statistics, data analysis
  • Analysis, optimization
  • High Performance Computing (HPC), security
  • Combinatorial algorithms, meshing, finite elements
  • Statistical learning
  • Scientific visualization
Extracurricular Activities
  • Member of the BDS (student sport association)
  • Volleyball player
Lycée Lakanal
Higher Secondary School - Baccalaureate with honors


Participant September 2021

Implements medical image semantic segmentation to detect the presence of a gene sequence. I had to drop this for the time being, but I will go back to it once I have less work.

Hugo Website
Hugo Website
Creator October 2021 - Present

I am still writing new posts to add to my website. I hope I can share all my knowledge, and wish to translate it to other languages.

Developer June 2020 - Present

As a member of the Island Bat Research Group I am developing a Passive Acoustic Monitoring pipeline based on AI

Dynamic Hand Gesture recognition
Dynamic Hand Gesture recognition
Homework 5th semester at Polyetch Sorbonne

During my M. Eng.’s deep learning class, I tackled deep learning based classification of hand crafted features. This first approach does not use CNNs to extract features, and rather relies on handcrafted features.

Batch merge and merge sort using CUDA programming
Batch merge and merge sort using CUDA programming
Homework 5th semester at Polyetch Sorbonne

This subject was proposed during the High performance Computing class at Polytech Sorbonne. We tackled the implementation of batch merge and merge sort based on a research article.

Finite Element Method
Finite Element Method
Homework 5th semester at Polyetch Sorbonne

My colleague and I implemented the Finite Element Method in python. We tested it on a model of my previous flat. The repo is not available in english yet.

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Advanced Computer Vision with Tensorflow, course 3
Coursera Apr 2021 - Mar 2021

Advanced Techniques Specialization introduces the features of TensorFlow that provide learners with more control over their model architecture and tools that help them create and train advanced ML models.

Major of promotion
Polytech Sorbonne sep 2019 - sep 2021

Graduated as major of the 5th MAIN (Applied Mathematics and Computer Science) promotion of my engineering school


2nd national ranking